Mission Statement
We are serious riders. We do not just ride our bikes on weekends or wear our leathers as fashion statements. We seriously reflect the values of familyhood, biker camaraderie and of supporting the larger biker community as well as our local communities. We do not promote the idea that one bike brand, one race or one biker "attitude" is better, more genuine or is the more "real" expression of what a biker is.
Our club is open to riders of every ethnicity, riders of all brands of motorcycles and people from many different walks of life and life experiences. We strive to have members from a large age range and various generations as well.
We do not judge other clubs for any decisions they make. That’s not what we’re about. We respect all other clubs and their interests. We will strive to support as many clubs in the area as possible regardless of what part of the biker set they belong to. We will do this by attending as many club events, rallies and party’s as we’re able to.


            10 Founding Principles

- Become an Iron Butt Association Rider

- Foster Old School Biker Values w/ Current Biker Attitudes

- Advance Biker Brotherhood

- Encourage Camaraderie

- Promote the Love of Riding

- Promote Motorcycle Safety

- Engage in Community Service Activities

- Support the larger Biker Community

- Continuously Improve Our Overall Motorcycle Skills

- Have Fun


Iron Knights By-Laws

July 2009


Article I. Declaration

The name of this motorcycle organization shall be called the “Iron Knights”.


Article II. Purpose

A. Iron Knights is an independent organization not affiliated or sponsored by any motorcycle manufacturer, organization, or club.

B. Iron Knights was organized to unite our brothers and sisters, and share in the sport of motorcycling.

C. The Iron Knights participate in an annual fundraiser for a designated charity. Members are required to participate in this annual event.


Article III. Membership

Membership is divided into three areas, Chrome (highest), Gold, and Silver (entry). No patch will indicate which membership one holds. New members must be voted in by the existing Officers (unanimous) and existing members (majority). In order to be considered for membership in the Iron Knights, you must fulfill one of the following membership qualifications:


Silver Member

1. Be sponsored by a Gold or Chrome member in good standing.

2. You must own & ride a street legal motorcycle. Any make is allowed.

3. Must be properly licensed (permits allowed) to ride and operate a motorcycle.

4. Must complete a designated 500-mile day trip.

5. Have ridden in 2 or more states.

6. Have more than 2,000 lifetime riding miles.

Silver membership may be revoked by your sponsor or the governing body at any time.

Silver members cannot sponsor other members.

In the event of a Silver member’s sponsor leaving or being dismissed from the club, the Silver member may:

A. Find a different Gold or Chrome sponsor within the club

B. Receive a unanimous vote of the governing body to retain Silver membership

If the above stipulations are not met, the Silver member will be dropped from the rolls and surrender their patches to the Sergeant at Arms, or if he is not available, a Club Officer..

NOTE: A Gold or Chrome member may sponsor their passenger as a Silver member if the passenger meets requirement #4, #5 and #6 of the Silver membership.


Gold Member

1. Must own & ride a street legal motorcycle capable of long distance freeway riding. Any make is allowed.

2. Must be properly licensed (no permits) to ride and operate a motorcycle.

3. Must become and maintain an AMA member.

4. Must become an Iron Butt Assoc. member, or take an overnight(s) motorcycle trip of at least 1,000 miles.

5. Have ridden in 5 or more states.

6. Have more than 10,000 lifetime riding miles.


Chrome Member

1. Must own & ride a street legal motorcycle capable of long distance freeway riding. Any make is allowed.

2. Must be properly licensed (no permits) to ride and operate a motorcycle.

3. Must become and maintain an AMA member.

4. Must become an Iron Butt Assoc. member.

5. Have ridden in 11 or more states.

6. Have more than 30,000 lifetime riding miles.



Article IV. Governing Body (Officers)

The Governing Body consists of five Gold or Chrome members who are appointed to that position by the founders. These appointments have no time limit or term length. Vacancies occur by voluntary resignation or disciplinary termination. Each officer position holds equal voting power in the policies and procedures of the Iron Knights, except for the President. The President cannot motion or vote upon any issues, but he can serve as tie-breaker.

Officers will wear the Patches on a vest at all Iron Knights functions. In the event of a vacancy on the Governing Body, the position will be announced to the membership. Upon announcement, members have 30 days to submit to the Governing Body, a request for appointment to the vacant position. This request may be done via mail, telephone or e-mail. At the conclusion of 30 days, the membership will vote to fill in the vacancy. Only Gold or Chrome members are eligible for appointment to the Governing Body.

Members may bring forth issues to the Governing Body for adjudication at any time. The Governing Body shall address these situations and if applicable, institute a membership vote to resolve issue. Voting is done on a case-by-case basis. If an issue does not warrant a general membership vote, the Governing Body shall make the deciding determination.


Article V. General Provisions

A. DUES: Iron Knights currently have no dues.

B. PATCHES: The Iron Knights have a 3-patch emblem for the back, and a single name patch for the front. All patches will be the same on the back of a denim or leather vest or jacket. Various shirt types shall be made available for purchase as an alternate form of Iron Knights recognition. There is only one OFFICIAL patch design for Iron Knights. Any official Iron Knights design is the artistic property thereof. If a member is dropped from the rolls, or voluntarily resigns, it shall be understood they will surrender their Patches to the Sergeant at Arms, or if he is not available, a Club Officer.

C. WEARING OF PATCHES: All members shall wear them (or official shirt) on all Iron Knights runs and functions.

D. MEETINGS: Meetings shall be quarterly at the appointed time and place. Members are urged to attend to stay up to date on runs and functions of the Iron Knights. An itinerary shall be made available by the governing body concerning pertinent topics. Members may bring forth issues for adjudication.

E. FUNCTIONS: The Iron Knights conduct two parties each year, one in the summer and one at Christmas. The Iron Knights also participate in an annual charity event. Members are expected to participate in these three Functions.

F. A member will retain their good standing status by participating in at least 2 Iron Knights sponsored rides/events, all functions, and attending at least 2 meetings per annum.

G. Members can belong to other Motorcycle clubs.

H. The use of safety helmets at Iron Knights events is strictly up to Local and State Law.

I. It is at the discretion of the member whether or not to wear their patches to a non-Iron Knights sponsored event.

J. BEHAVIOR: All members shall act in accordance with proper etiquette and protocol when wearing the Iron Knights patches. A member may be dismissed from the Iron Knights for violations of this law. It is expected that no member should in any way cast a negative light on the Iron Knights.

K. OBJECTIVE: The overall objective is to ride, enjoy the freedom of the wind and the road, have fun, be safe, live free, and enjoy the ride.


Article VI. Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended from time to time as deemed necessary by the Governing Body. It requires a majority vote to change the By-Laws.