Chartman's Personalized Rides

Here are some Additional Items that might be useful before, during, or after your trip.

Photo Introduction to Your Plan

This documents your trip "plan" with site photos,  site information and urls to each site. It will help you (and other potential riders or passengers) get a good idea of exactly what to expect on the trip. And it will provide additional information on each point-of-interest.

Daily Travel Tank Maps

There are two 9" x 4-1/4" maps for each day, 1 for before lunch, and 1 for after lunch. There are countless reasons why Tank Maps are a good idea.  Many unexpected things can make you vary from your plan (accidents, weather, road closings, construction, etc.). This is not just for people that do not use a GPS. Having this visual aid can help you navigate past unforeseen issues. I use a GPS, and still make and use these. I also use these to add any special notes that I think I might need at certain sites, or to Zoom IN on very tight areas for more definition. I have used these for backup when my GPS locked up too!

Trip Poster with Your Photos

This 24" x 18" frameable poster contains your route and ~16 pictures from your actual trip. The perfect way to display your awesome trip.

Reference Guides