Chartman's Personalized Rides

Here are some Additional Items that might be useful before, during, or after your trip.

There are two 9" x 4-1/4" maps for each day, 1 for before lunch, and 1 for after lunch. There are countless reasons why Tank Maps are a good idea.  Many unexpected things can make you vary from your plan (accidents, weather, road closings, construction, etc.). This is not just for people that do not use a GPS. Having this visual aid can help you navigate past unforeseen issues. I use a GPS, and still make and use these. I also use these to add any special notes that I think I might need at certain sites, or to Zoom IN on very tight areas for more definition. I have used these for backup when my GPS locked up too!

Daily Travel Tank Maps

This 24" x 18" frameable poster contains your route and ~16 pictures from your actual trip. The perfect way to display your awesome trip.

Trip Poster with Your Photos

These are Reference Guides on "lessons learned on the rode".