Interested in Becoming an Iron Knight?


Why Become an Iron Knight?


There are many Motorcycle Groups in the area, so why join ours? Great question!

1. We are not a Motorcycle “Club”, we are a family oriented AMA Charter.

2. Members are professionals between 30 and 55.

3. We are currently partners with the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent.

4. The founders have been riding since grade school, have owned 15+ bikes, and love to ride.

5. We ride more than the average motorcyclist (10,000 – 15,000 miles / yr).

6. We like to travel throughout Indiana to find “strange” and interesting things.

7. We have mapped out many great rides in southern Indiana.

8. We attempt to take an interesting annual vacation trip.


How Would I Become an Iron Knight?


If you are interested becoming an Iron Knight, fill out our application form where we can review your request.

New members must be voted in by the existing Officers.

Current officers and members belong to the “Indianapolis” Charter.

Additional area Charters will be created once membership numbers are sufficient.


Once an Iron Knight, you must:


1. Become a member of the American Motorcyclist Association ($39/yr).

2. Purchase & wear something showing Iron Knight’s membership while riding.

3-Piece Patch (~$75) on your vest -or- Clothing from our on-line store ($15+)

3. Participate in a majority of Iron Knight’s activities on an annual basis.

4. Attend two (2) Iron Knight’s meetings on an annual basis.


There are currently three (3) membership levels within our club:


Silver: (entry level)

    Duration: Complete one 500+ mile day trip

    Coverage: Ride in 2-5 states

    Distance: 2,000-10,000 lifetime riding miles



    Duration: Earn one Iron Butt Association certifications

    Coverage: Ride in 5-10 states

    Distance: 10,001-30,000 lifetime riding miles


Chrome: (highest)

    Duration: Earn two or more Iron Butt Association certifications

    Coverage: Ride in 11 or more states

    Distance: 30,001 or more lifetime riding miles